Declutter in 2019 - For Good

The Modern Minimalism Course from the Simple Days Blog will take you from overwhelmed hoarding to organised bliss.


If I can do it, so you can you.

Decluttering will give you back more time than you can imagine.

  • Understand the mindset that will help you conquer clutter - for good
  • Learn how to work through your whole house without losing motivation (or making even more mess)
  • Give sentimental items the care they deserve and learn to let go of what isn't important
  • Successfully manage the difficult emotions of letting go and having a house with less stuff
  • Put into place habits to deal with clutter building up again
  • Streamline your schedule and your commitments to give you the space you need to do what really matters to you
  • Decluttering even if you don't have the time or the energy

What's Inside Modern Minimalism

Video lessons

Video lessons covering each topic in details


Checklists for you to use in your own home


Bonus resources for further reading and learning

Support Group

A private facebook group for discussion and support

Live Q&A

Live Q&A sessions with me for all your thorny clutter issues

Feature In My Book

Early next year I will be completing a book on minimalism and I'd love to include your success stories

Doors Close on 5th January

The course will run again in June 2019

This is the first time that I have run this course and I have put my heart and soul (and countless hours!) into creating a resource that will help you no matter where you are in your journey and what you have achieved (or not achieved) so far.

The course contains many assignments to help you on your way and to provide practical learning from the lessons I provide. I am not a neat-freak that blogs about being tidy and minimal, I'm a real mum of three who has battled with clutter - and won.

Join the December 2018 intake

"Decluttering is too difficult. I've got a full time job, kids and two cats!"

Don't worry. With step by step modules guiding you through the process, you won't feel overwhelmed by yet another "todo". I’ll teach you how to understand what is holding you back so that the process is not forced or rule-bound.

I used to live in a house FULL of stuff. I made it through to the other side and the result has been a huge difference not only in the quality of my home environment, but in all aspects of my life. You can do the same. 

You don't have to be a young, single nomad to live with less. I am a working mum of three. The right decluttering principles can simplify your life and give you back your time. You can create a better environment for yourself and your family. All you need is consistency, support and the right tools.

Decluttering will give you BACK the time that you are missing.

Join today and change your life for the better.

Make 2019 Your Year

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